Hello world!

Sometimes you just wake up with this feeling – today I am going to be courageous and wild at heart! That day was today when I decided to start this personal blog, something I was thinking about for a long time.
Ever since I started traveling in South-East Asia, I was inspired by people – especially locals – who you meet on the street and decide to invite you to their home. They welcome you with open arms, cook dinner and share stories. Or should I say: share their life with you for a moment.

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An absolute treasure: glamping in Ibiza!

It must have been one of the first days of spring in May when the days start to get longer, warmer and I begin to long for summer. I remember sitting outside making plans consisting of palm trees and turquoise waters on a paradise island.
After all: you can’t have enough holidays to look forward to – right? My friends would probably say I have become quite the expert.

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Joie de vivre: wining and dining the French way!

A couple of weeks ago, I was thinking of a birthday present I wanted to give to my boyfriend Peter. I came up with the idea of a city trip in Europe. In search of a destination, I thought it would be nice to visit Bordeaux. Searching for pictures of the city and things to do, Bordeaux looked like a grandiose 17th century city out of a fairytale book. Immediately I got super excited to visit this place. But more importantly, Bordeaux sits in the center of the world famous wine region that bears its name. What better way than celebrating a birthday with the best wine in the world – right? And just like that, I had my answer!
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Hello, what about me?

After returning from Berlin, it was time for our trip to Bordeaux in the South of France. Meanwhile… packing my suitcase – guess who decided to come along?


One of the great joys of having a bunny is when they get curious of new stuff lying on the ground – what is this on my territory? Well, much to my delight, our adorable bunny figured this time he would hop on and enjoy some running around the vineyards while we would be tasting wine. Obviously there is no place rabbits could possibly fit in better then an oasis of green grass – better luck next time Mo!

Wir waren ein Berliner

A few months ago we decided to plan a little get-away with a group of friends to Berlin. I’ve been so lucky lately for spending a lot of time with these amazing people.
It all started two years ago at a festival in Amsterdam where we spend the day together really spontaneously – having fun and making plans of camping together. This resulted in calling ourselves ‘Happy Campers’ but after this camping trip had failed and the WhatsApp messages were almost only about Tinder nowadays, we changed it in ‘Happy Tinders’. Now we are just a bunch of goofy, crazy, happy Kinders together!

There’s no question that these friends have made my life richer. After spending more and more time together the past year, everyone was super excited to go to Berlin together. Almost immediately we arranged our plane tickets and an awesome Airbnb apartment. After months of waiting finally there was June together with amazing summer weather – Berlin here we come! Or as my friend Bella would say: ‘’Immer gerade waus!’’

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An Aussie invasion: a recap of last month hosting

I now have this growing curiosity to discover Australia. All because in the last month I’ve learned a lot about this beautiful island. My favorite Aussie slang I picked up is ‘’heaps’’ and ”flat out like a lizard drinking”, I’ve learned that you will never love Vegemite as they do and I was simply flabbergasted to hear that Kangaroos are pests! – I still think they’re awesome. I’ve hosted in total three Australians Aussies, all traveling for the first time to Europe. Actually I’ve never had the chance to host someone from ‘down under’ – and now it so happened to host three – all in one month. A little Aussie invasion in Haarlem!

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Sunset from the top of the Big Wheel


This picture was taken from the big wheel on the ‘Grote markt’ at the fair with my Canon EOS1100D. My boyfriend and I decided to see the sunset from above after dinner, as we both love photography. All the conditions for this were perfect – a clear blue sky during the stunning golden hour – casting orange light on the buildings.
Although it does not really feel like spring yet, evenings like these make me long for those hot summer days.

Also, this view makes me fall back in love again with the city. For everyone who is planning to come to Holland – Haarlem is a lovely, historic city with a village feel and just 15 minutes away from Amsterdam. It is a must see for everyone in the area!

The best gift Couchsurfing gave me? An Argentinian sister!

Giving is a gift. Sometimes you get the best gift back.

As all my friends know, I have an extreme extrovert personality! I naturally love and adore having people around and believe that one of my biggest purposes of life is to connect with other human beings. Participating in the Couchsurfing community allows me to share and connect with the most amazing people. From time to time there is something like a real connection, a life-giving friendship. Today I want to share the story of my most recent Couchsurfing experience as a host, that turned out to become a friendship for life. One of the reasons why the small risk of accepting strangers in your home is incredibly rewarding! And the main reason I finally started this blog. Meet my sister from another mister!

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The insider’s guide to Rio

To celebrate that I had finished my master degree, I decided to travel five weeks through South-America. As I have a huge passion for photography, my first stop was going to be: Rio de Janeiro. I want to share with you some pictures I took of the most sexy, wonderful and lively city in the whole wide world! There is just something special about big, cosmopolitan cities with access to the sea, don’t you think?

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